Benefits of Donating time in your Home

At Tradelasts we want to incentivize and reward you for your generosity in helping to take care of those who have sacrificed to keep us safe.  



Volunteer your vacation home for use by a COVID-19 Responder to spend a week relaxing with their family after the crisis.



For every one week donated earn one free night’s stay in any Tradelasts Community home for your own vacation.



Take some time to relay and enjoy time away from everything!

Aside from the wonderful feeling you will get in in playing a significant part in the recovery of our nation physically by providing rest and recuperation to Responder families, you will also be helping to revive a decimated travel and hospitality industry. Tradelasts would like to reward your generosity in the following ways:

Tradelasts will provide you with one free night’s worth of vacation points for every week that we are able to provide to a family of medical personnel in your home or vacation home.

Tradelasts will also provide you with one free night of vacation points for every referral of another homeowner that also joins Tradelasts (upon their first purchased vacation).