You have questions and we have answers! 

If you don’t find an answer to your specific question, please contact us directly at tradelasts@gmail.com and we will endeavor to respond within 48 hours.

Tradelasts volunteers are in direct contact with all medical personnel and will also independently verify their identity and employment.

We emphasize to the responder families that this benefit is intended to provide recuperation and healing for them and their family. Each family is asked to provide the names and ages of each of their family members staying in the home.  Additionally, Tradelasts is building a team of representatives in each local vacation home area to act as the sole point of contact for homeowners, assist with check in and any other issues that arise.  Providing an excellent experience for homeowners is one of our top priorities.

Families will be given priority on a first come first serve basis related to their destination of choice. We are building a network of homes and weeks available but, while our goal is to provide a free stay vacation to each qualified Responder family that applies, our ability to do so will be contingent on the number of donated weeks and thus our ability to match supply and demand.

A  homeowner can be connected directly with Responder families staying in their home upon request. We believe sharing sentiments of  gratitude personally builds community and heals our society. This connection is entirely voluntary. 

Our goal is to provide each Covid19 medical responders with up to a 7 day free stay (Shorter stays may be preferable to both parties … we will work with you on this).  

We recognize that in some areas there is a need for temporary housing to keep responder families safe while the medical professional works. If you are willing to  provide this critical resource, please let us know and we will work with you on timeframe and details.

Within our COVID19 response, we will work with you and try to accommodate your responder guest family preferences.

As an alternative,  by becoming a Tradelasts community homeowner, the points you earn through vacation stays by other members can be donated to provide Responder families vacations at other Tradelasts members properties.

Unfortunately, no.  According to our tax attorney’s the IRS would not consider the Responders as a “charitable class.”

To show our gratitude, however, we still need your donations (both monetary and time in your second home) to provide as close to an expense free vacation for these wonderful people.  We hope you’ll help.

Please see our Go Fund Me page link on our website to donate funds.  

Yes!  In addition to the great feeling you will have from donating to our country’s COVID19 crisis, Tradelasts is giving you and your family one free night’s worth of vacation points for every week that we are able to provide to a family of medical personnel in your property.

We are also giving you  one free night of vacation points for every homeowner referral that joins Tradelasts (upon their first purchased vacation)

All donations will be independently monitored and spent towards our goal of providing a 7 day,  expense free vacation for Medical Responder families and a hassle free experience for our Homeowners.  Donated funds will be spent in some of the following ways:

Home cleaning cost post Responder family vacation stays, to ease the cleanup burden for generous homeowners.

Travel cost assistance for some Responder families (as needed).

Hiring local travel professionals as Tradelast associates.  We will seek to hire from those who have lost their employment as part of the crisis.  Their role will be to provide resources for responder families during their stay and the direct point of contact for the homeowners.

Damages to cover the cost of small issues or insurance premiums for any potential larger issues.

Other administrative costs (legal, technology, etc.)